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He Said “Awesome, Just Awesome!”

I have a Brother in Christ that ministers in a black congregation in my town that on occasion preaches revival meetings at other churches.  I always enjoy asking for  a report when he comes back because his reply is always the same.  “Awesome, Just Awesome!!!  The sparkle in his eyes always tells me he is not exaggerating.

When I first sat down to start this blog I purposed to not just be a re-poster but a friend shared this video with me and after watching it I just had to pass it on because it’s “Awesome, Just Awesome!!!”

I challenge you today, before the sun goes down, to set aside 15 minutes, turn your phones off, shut your door, plug in your earbuds and watch the following.

Hold on now.  Don’t watch it until you turn your phones off, shut your doors for 15 minutes and use your earbuds.  See if you agree that its “Awesome, Just Awesome

I am blest on this pilgrimage to that Continuing City!

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One thought on “He Said “Awesome, Just Awesome!”

  1. That was so incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. We serve an awesome God indeed.

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